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We are India's #1
Online Plant Nursery

We provide farmers with wide range of commercial plants and also a permanent solution for agriculture by rejuvenating the life in their soil. 

We use permaculture principles that mimics the way of nature to maintain a self-sustaining farm by ensuring minimal water usage, enriched soil life, zero wastage and zero chemical inputs. This will have long term benefits on the farmers and the environment, this also helps improve the nutritional quality of the produce in the market. 

Plant Variety

Hasiru Agro offers a diverse selection of commercial plants, allowing farmers to choose crops that thrive in their local climate and meet market demands. This variety helps farmers explore new opportunities and maximize their yield potential.

Chemical-Free Environment

Hasiru Agro emphase on maintaining a chemical-free environment aligns with evolving consumer preferences. By promoting natural pest control methods, crop rotation, and responsible use of fertilizers, you enable farmers to cultivate healthier and safer food products.

Knowledge and Support

Hasiru Agro conduct workshops, training sessions, online resources, and consultations to help them stay updated with the latest industry practices and overcome any challenges they may face.

Our Vision

We aim to increase green cover by making farming enjoyable and sustainable for everyone across the country.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help our farmers get the best commercial-grade saplings, aiding them with a high yield to earn more profits. We have a team of experts who can help you understand more about the modern farming techniques that could help you invest in your resources efficiently.

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